DQMS - The Data Quality Management System™

About DQMS

DQMS is database software to organize, analyze, process, display, and distribute time-sequenced numeric data, with a special focus on viewing, analyzing, and checking the quality of solar radiation data.

Use it for all your processing and reporting functions or as a part of your existing processing system.

Features Overview:

  • Rugged time-indexed database file structure
  • Data files up to 4 gigabytes each
  • Special tests, summaries and functions for solar radiation data - including SERIQC
  • Automatic or manual operation of processing steps you design and configure
  • Powerful and impressive graphics with unique visual data quality displays
  • Comprehensive data testing and quality tracking
  • Virtually unlimited number of station & data record definitions
  • Construct simple or intricate custom processing sequences with any of over 50 processing functions
  • Flexible import, merge, repair, summary, and exporting functions
  • Devise and evaluate custom derivations of measured parameters